We live in a world of over-communication. More than 200 Million web domains, more than 200 emails per user and day, spam, social networks, and instant messaging are a fact. We believe that “throwing” information on a Website, Portal or Intranet and hoping that the customers or other stakeholders will look for it (PULL) is not effective anymore. Organizations have to change their way of using Internet to communicate externally as well as internally. Information has to be brought to the user via electronic devices (tablets, USB flash drives, smartphones, etc.) while assuring maximum convenience (PUSH). This new approach leads to higher usage rates and compliance as well as sustainable bottom-line results.


We develop applications for electronic devices (USB sticks, tablets, iPads, smartphones, iPhones, etc.). Our solutions are unique on the market.

Our solutions are unique because they:

  • Allow the user fast and convenient access to relevant information wherever they are, online and offline.
  • Assure automatic update of the content and application residing on the devices when the user is online.
  • Include security features tailored to your needs including remote wipe out and content encryption.
  • Enable interactivity with the user as well as the integration of order forms.
  • Allow you to track online and offline user behavior and usage frequency.

We differentiate from new media agencies and software firms because we totally integrate Business, Technology, and Design; only a combination of all three allows for creation and implementation of successful solutions.


We provide our clients with a full set of services to create, implement, and secure PUSH solutions that are robust and yield long-term results.

  • Factbase development (customer, competitor, cost, and capabilities)
  • Customer research
  • Management workshops (e.g. e-Marketing strategy)
  • Net Present Value calculations for PUSH programs
  • Application development (UI design, programming, IT system integration)
  • Packaging, hardware (USB sticks), and user manual design
  • Content adaptation and development (graphic design,video rendering, etc.)
  • Hardware recommendation and procurement
  • Integration with existing IT systems including CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Server hosting
  • Implementation support (e.g. loading and distribution of devices)
  • Tracking of usage rates and behavior
  • Support in content updating when needed
  • Development of action plans and motivation programs to boost usage rate and compliance
  • Net Present Value assessment programs
  • Helpdesk support



Many valuable partners share our beliefs in using the Internet in a new way
to communicate effectively with stakeholders.


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